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Jim Patillo

Good day Chris,

Congratulations on your first flight in the Quickie. For what it's worth, you have just become part of a small select group. My only comment is, take it easy and go slow on your first flights, testing and learning your airplane. I went thru a complete flight test procedure, SLOWLY progressing on each flight. Now is not the time to go fast and make aggressive maneuvers. That all comes in time. Further when you get around 100 hours, sharpen your wits, because that's when you start getting comfortable and shit hits the fan. Just be prepared. I wish you the best in your upcoming flights. We are all here to help you. You are going to have a lot of fun with the Quickie!         

Best regards,
Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200
1804 hours on my Q.

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 Brent-----------  No high performance rating. I was instructed to
measure wing tip to tip and do the math using the fuselage as a lifting
surface so it worked out okay. My wing loading just slide in under the
numbers.----------  Chris

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