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Frankenbird Vern

Hmm.. I am wondering if the dual side stick Dragonfly design also has "auto lift" in the roll?  What say the SME? 

going slowly crazier in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Growing webbed feet and toes again! 

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Hi Tim,


Mine move like yours also. Not sure the amount, since I did not measure it, but it is primarily to be only significant in full roll deflection. You will notice the deflection of the elevators is sympathetic to the ailerons (in the same sense), so I really would not worry about it. If you are in the very rare circumstance that calls for full bank, you are probably looking for all the help you can get, so  a little deflection on the elevators is probably a good thing. I think if you poll the Tri-Q drivers in the group, you will find that they all have similar observations.





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Managed to get the control rods the correct length today and then fit the spring pitch trim.

I notice the elevator horns move about 1/2” relative to each other when rolling, I know the plans suggest this will happen but is that about the right amount? It just seems a bit wired, but seems to come with the design.

Thanks, Tim

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