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Richard Thomson

I got a 6 ply running about 40 psi and that seems firm. Time will tell.

72 PSI sounds quite high Bruce.

Rich T.

On 21/10/2021 17:09, Bruce Crain wrote:

I think it is 4 ply.  It’s the same tire that fits on the tail wheel of the Mail.

On Oct 21, 2021, at 2:20 AM, Richard Thomson <richard@...> wrote:

    How many ply is that Bruce ?

    Rich T.

On 20/10/2021 23:37, Bruce Crain wrote:
I am using the McReary AirTrac.  Only problem I have had with it is when I didn’t keep the psi up (I use 72 psi).  I landed at Asheville and the strip has little triangles in the middle of the runway that were quite high.  It damaged my sidewalls and let me fly it a few more hours before it went flat on Landing.  The side walls had sharp protrusions opposite each other and eventually rubbed a hole in the side of the tube .

On Oct 20, 2021, at 1:46 PM, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

I am using the “lamb” tire (11” on 5 inch rim), same as the original mains. I had intended to have the same tires all around on mine, so I could carry one spare. I ended up changing my mains to 5.00 X 5 AirHawk tires, but kept the lamb up front. You will not be able to use this unless you have the upgraded gear leg ala Scott Swing or Richard Kaczmarek.





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Subject: [Q-List] Front Tyre


Interested in what front tyre people are using on the Tri gear.
Mine currently has a 10x 3.50 x 4 McReary Airtrac ( which is quite square in profile and I was thinking to swap it for a more rounded (like main tyres). Aircraft hasn’t flown yet… Tyre is just old so needs replacement.

Might replace with Aero classic 10/350-4 ( Or keep the McReary…

Any experience and advice appreciated!

Thanks, Tim

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