Q2 Revmaster P Leads


My 40 year old Q2 garage queen (not a hangar queen yet...) is ready to have it's spiffy recently rebuilt/upgraded Revmaster bolted onto the firewall so that I can fit all of the accessories etc. (YES, I've had this project since 1981 when I purchased the original kit from Stubbs Aero Products (Fred Stubbs) who receivedĀ it via LeGare, NO, it's not done yet, YES, I plan to finish it...)

The motor's been attached before, but never with P Leads connected - I just received a marvelous pair of finely crafted round nut P leads from Bogert aviation built specifically for the Bendix D2000/3000 mags. QUESTION: there only seems to be a tad more than 3/8" clearance between the Bendix terminal posts and the rear face of the mag box in the firewall. The mag box was built according to the original plans and was installed around 20-25 years ago. The Bogert leads are relatively thin and flexible, but I fear - not THAT flexible, they'd get scrunched if I put this together as is. Richard Bogert isn't familiar with the Q birds, his comment (via email) was that that was a little too tight of a radius, not because of the shielded wire, rather, he's afraid that the solder joint at the ferrule would be compromised.

This cannot possibly be a 'new problem' that only I have seen. (!) Have any of you old school Q2/Revmaster artists 'been there' & 'done that' and fixed this issue a very long time ago? It's looking to me like the obvious answer is to do some cutting and remodelling of the rear face of the magneto box.


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