Quickie Q1 - Elevator Foam cut

Eugen Pilarski

Hello Q-Groupe,

so far the Canard is cut out from blue foam. The next steps are to cut the elevator BL10, BL49 and BL88 form the blue foam.

After study the foam cut section about the elevator, is not clear for me, which is the correct create position of the elevator templates. In my opinion, the templates are wildly laid out in the foam, at least that's my impression. Please find in the attachment Page 5-3 of the Q1 construction plans.

Please find in the attachment the Elevator BL10 and BL49 template, faced up together. So what is the correct fixing position?

Is that the center of the bore together with level line? or Is that the tail end together with level line? or ?

Maybe any one to the expert are able to make a short sketch and upload it to the file section ? 

Thank you for your support!

Best regards


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