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Sam Hoskins

Very good Mike. How about uploading them to the photo section? Create an album with your name on it and put them there.

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021, 4:03 PM Mike Steinsland <MIKESKUSTOMS@...> wrote:
Hi Guys,
I'm at the point where I am installing the hinges for the forward tilting canopy.
I wasn't looking forward to laying upside down in the fuselage and having resin dropping down on my face while I reinforced the underside of the cowl so I came up with this fixture that I attached to the firewall using the holes for the motor mounts.
Thought I would pass this along in case someone else was wanting to flip the airplane over to work on the bottom.
Once I get this part finished I will remove 16" off the bottom of the inverted position so that it is at a good hight for doing the finish work to the undersides (probably do the bottoms of the wings are first)
I used pieces of plywood that I have had laying around for years (just about traded it for a Corvette this summer) I made it the size I did because thats the size of wood I had.

When standing on its nose the dimensions are ;   37" wide at the cowl X 68" long X 22" high

You can make it smaller no problems, it's tall when its vertical , I just wanted a nice radius as it rolled from vertical to horizontal so things didn't happen too fast and I wanted the hight to crawl under and work inside. I put wheels on because there is not enough space to completely roll it over. Once I got it vertical I rolled it to the other side of the work space then continued rolling it onto its back.
I realized when I got it vertical that I can easily access everything under the cowl, even down to the backside of the firewall without having it inverted .
It's also going to be nice running the brake lines and checking the wheel alignment.

Cheers from the north, not as north as Chris tho!

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