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Bruce Crain

Hope that Frankenbird remembers you Verne!  Don’t sneak up on it!  It might buck and run off!!

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 Yup.. have over 1000 travelled jobs on 767, so they shut that line off anything outside the doors.

787 48 section hosed shims (I presume that one is an AD?). 777 keel design over (adding doublers I presume). 

777X is...well.. who knows? 

 Paine field looks like it did back in 2010! Aircraft parked everywhere to the point the General Aviation 
taxiways are partially blocked. 

Mostly it is major problems with Biden pushing his Hokey Pokey mandates but some is parts and hardware stuck 
out there somewhere off L.A. in the China boat. M.E can't fix stupid or late!

 Never seen this before Charlie, pretty sad to see this for a 3rd generation Lazy B guy like myself. 

Build rates as a snails pace. Last time I was here in 2013 we were at a 3.5 rate on 777 and 10 days on 747-8. 

Balls to the walls and better not sit on a committed release because the incorporation unit would 
be in build at the time D.E. got it off the board and into ETAC! 

 I have had enough of the factory now. Near 5 decades. Tossing in the towel and looking forward to be the 
Wal Mart greeter. 

 You still gonna move your birds from Utah? I'll be driving right through Provo on Saturday.


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The Big B roller coaster hiring and firing at the same time. I am glad to be out of the game.

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  Ok.. so to the Q-List.. in one week from today I'll be heading back to Oklahoma...and my hangar build. 

This is life as a Contract Engineer. The Onion (er...Union that is) has a good point  (and a legal contract) that says the company MUST bring back Direct 
folks that were on layoff since before Summer, BEFORE Contractors can be placed in those jobs. Fair arguments. has to say "Adios no Amigo!" to every Contract silverback in this same job function.  My manager was not a happy camper but I told
 him that it's not a big deal..I have seen worse at other aircraft factories. Spirit Aerosystems for one. 

 To be honest guys.. the NW rain/grey skys/showers in the last two months has almost been nonstop. Had a few nice days since early October..but overall 
I'd rather not have this much such as 100% humidity for weeks on end. This weekend the forecast?  Suprise!! Rain and more rain.  I am lovin those
Q tours tho.. getting lots of great pointers guys... and I am looking forward to the time when I can present the Frankenbird show too. 

 It's all good.. sometimes better than others is all. 🙂


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Absolutely Vern they did steal their colors!
Beatrice works well!  They have a big sports bar and grill where Paul Fisher can use his tv changer when the Huskers are playing and everyone is locked on the game!  You might want to take some videos as it might get rowdy!  They also have two cross runways that came in handy when Honey Lamb and I landed in 45 knot winds!  The wind was straight down one of the runways and we must have only used 150’ of runway!  It was awesome!

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Kneebraskee!! Land o the corn huskers. Somehow ain't right they stole OU colors.  Understand Bruce. 

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