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Jay Scheevel

I hear that the Wright Brothers did not have an engineering degree either. Guess that’s why they started out with a canard! 


Keep us posted (with a picture now and then) on your Franken-project once you get back to your lab in Transylvania, Vern.





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 It helps that I remain the Village Idiot when it comes to building airplanes. 5 decades at it and still don't know anything. The good part is I still get 

inspired by folks that do.. 🙂


 You guys know that John Roncz has never had an Engineering degree? Its true..  


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Hook ‘em cowboy!  And the ride is usually a long one!


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  I upped my exit back to Oklahoma to tomorrow. Got a big showdown inside the factory on the way. I read the hand written notice on the way in the door today

 that the factory folks are goin full Brandon.  Not happy with the Hoky Poky mandate and by leaving then I have a window of no snows in the Cascades for 

 a few days. I staged my storage unit in Arlington yesterday and ready to load my ol Dodge and "git outta Dodge!!"


 WaRshington (that how Kansans say the State..adding an R) has big problems this Winter with far fewer snow plow operators.  Already shut down a bunch of Ferry 

boats, and that is totally not a good thing here at all. Roads and bridges not getting repaired (not like Oklahoma has great roads either tho).


 It'll be good to get back to the homestead. First on the list is to lasso Das Frankenbird taking out to the back corral and riding him back to green broke..haha.  


Gonna finish watching our first Q builder video tonight. I got distracted by watching Roncz and Rutan...especially Burt giving his history working at Bede in Newton.      


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Hope that Frankenbird remembers you Verne!  Don’t sneak up on it!  It might buck and run off!!









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