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Fredd Baber

I have got to fly up there and go for a ride!!

Fredd Baber

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Nice report, Mike. Just curious, what do you estimate your GW is on this flight today?





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Beautiful day to day altho it started out at 60F which is 10 degrees below 0 for a Floridian...

So I had done some carb work, changed the oil, and new spark plugs and wanted to test em out.  Pre-heated the engine to 70F.  It starts much easier when pre-heated.  Got to RWY 36 just in front of a 737 so called ready and beat him in the air.  Don't want to see what the turbulence is like behind that thing.  Had to level off a bit to keep under the 1200' Class B ring and I see my speed went a bit high (194 mph) before I cleared the ring.



Flew for about an hour, talking on the ham radio.  I slow down to minimum speed to save fuel and just loitered at 5500' about 150 mph.  It was 15% humidity up there!  Wow.  Then I headed back home.  The airport was pretty quiet so I just left my speed up (167 MPH on Final).  I expected the tower to say something but they are used to C130's, 737's and biz jets so they didn't seem to care.  Squeaker landing and uneventful taxi back.


30 years back the speed limit was 180 mph at a controlled airport.  I buzzed through at 190+, then landed at KSPG and told the hangar bunch that I had just busted the speed limit over KPIE.  That started a huge argument and forced the old timers to look up the regs.  I think it's 200 knots now.  I think they raised it to upset me.


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