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Jay Scheevel

Hi Vern,


Having done a lot of geologic field work in them thar hills that Charlie is referring to, I can tell you that his reference is probably more to the plants than the animals. Almost every plant has a way of stabbing or cutting you, ripping your clothes and/or skin, or otherwise doing damage to you if you dare to get too close. No water around to wash your wounds, either…





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Thats great Charlie. What is the field elevation there?  Its true you get up in them trees and there are several critters that will invite you to dinner if they get a chance!  


 I'm pleased as can be you got the place to aviate now Charlie. It's good to see the Piper also operational too. Gonna have to fly there for that $200 hamburger (inflation you see). 


 I been eye-in the place circled in the snippy of the sectional for a while. Might be..who knows? SO far not for sale but I have my hat in the ring. 




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I have completed another step in retirement to quit paying hangar rent. I am now a member of a hangar LLC and have equity. My new hangar sits right off the taxiway and I can see both ends of the 4000 ft runway approach.


I now have a place to move my almost flying Dragonfly to next summer after flight test. For now here is what the view is to the west and north. First flight in the Tri-Pacer with the 160 hp replacement engine.



It was great to be able to fly to the FOD and my friend Dave thought this was an amazing group, which it is.


Thanks for all my Q friends.


One Sky Dog

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