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 Looks like Jerry and I are first cousins!

I have the magazine photo shots of the original plug in use that they made. From my own background in the composites manufacturing world the plug(s) would have probably been good for a few hundred cycles at best before either replacing or repairs. The plug in the photos was a male I am wondering if they used a female OML to make the layup pressure fit as well? I presume so because the exterior of the shells are quite fare so they had to be very careful in the cold layup to prevent ply shift.   

 I became more deeply interested in aviation structure and the history of structures because of my training at Dassault in France learning carbon fiber field repairs. I already understood about steel tube and fabric, all metal, and to some degree wood structure prior to that exposure in 1979.  Instructors were very good about explaining why the structure would sustain loads and then some.  

 Q2 is definitely a more advanced build, though not easily replicated. Cubic dollars!! I feel like I got a heck of a deal considering what it would cost just to tool up for one set of fuselage shells.

  Thinking about slick plastic airplanes; when I was at Arlington airport I drove by Glasair.. all closed up.. Stoddard however was still operating. They have a good resturant there..Ellies. Traffic is a mess tho..terrible compared to when I lived there in 1969-1971.       

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2271 here

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My SN is 2868, and I think I was pretty near the end of the line for Quickie (1984), so a couple hundred between you and me, Vern.





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 Only visited the 47th State..most corners of it but not long term. 


Taos County..not as many bad things but still a very good idea to watch every step. Had a smaller herd of maybe 25 or so Elk cows one morning arrive at my front door of my Earthship with calves in tow. Stayed inside for a coffee or three until they moved on! We had black bear and at least one Puma visit..and I lost count of the many diamondbacks. 


 Once I got hitched again the time of staying off grid were numbered. Few people of any background will stay in awareness long enough to be off grid for 2 decades. I remained the Village Idiot in off grid life as well, and made damn sure I never did end up being one to hug trees. Eco Terrorists..tons of them there.    

 Century plants. Them guys just look mean.. Chollo cactus too. Ouch! Worse each Spring for us was the "no see ums". Regular mosquito screen doors are no barrier to them nasty bugs.    


  The reason I moved us to eastern Oklahoma is the amount of rains we get. I have a roof catchment system backed up by a shallow well (our location has seasonal artisia). Cost of living is about 1/2 less total also. We have 4 seasons but leans more to longer Summer.  


 No water well where was located in NM so I learned the realities of life sometimes in harsh ways. I'm wondering what California is going to be like in 15 or so years having just returned from the West Coast.


  I also moved without regret because in part the conditions to build anything composite is limited to the same time when much has to be done on the homestead to endure -30+ F nights in Winter. Our place was at 8,100 ft ASL. It has it's own beauty but honestly we can travel to see most and if the bank account is not being ransomed off each month just to survive the doors to many other options remain open.


 Charlie can finally breath the freedom of not being held as a hangar hostage to some municipal bean counter or worse. Still an issue I will be working to resolve.  Frankenbird could be trailered to my home hangar (now in progress) for Conditionals but unless I rework the Capella to the swing wings (same as Kitfox except Capella has all metal wings) it will have to be based at an airport of some kind.   


 So.. my kit was 2662. That I presume is in truth 662 out of the molds? Makes Frankenbird a middle timer in the kit numbers sold.        



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Hi Vern,


Having done a lot of geologic field work in them thar hills that Charlie is referring to, I can tell you that his reference is probably more to the plants than the animals. Almost every plant has a way of stabbing or cutting you, ripping your clothes and/or skin, or otherwise doing damage to you if you dare to get too close. No water around to wash your wounds, either…





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Thats great Charlie. What is the field elevation there?  Its true you get up in them trees and there are several critters that will invite you to dinner if they get a chance!  


 I'm pleased as can be you got the place to aviate now Charlie. It's good to see the Piper also operational too. Gonna have to fly there for that $200 hamburger (inflation you see). 


 I been eye-in the place circled in the snippy of the sectional for a while. Might be..who knows? SO far not for sale but I have my hat in the ring. 




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I have completed another step in retirement to quit paying hangar rent. I am now a member of a hangar LLC and have equity. My new hangar sits right off the taxiway and I can see both ends of the 4000 ft runway approach.


I now have a place to move my almost flying Dragonfly to next summer after flight test. For now here is what the view is to the west and north. First flight in the Tri-Pacer with the 160 hp replacement engine.



It was great to be able to fly to the FOD and my friend Dave thought this was an amazing group, which it is.


Thanks for all my Q friends.


One Sky Dog

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