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Sorry about the two messages.  Our internet is not very good and I thought the first one didn't send. 

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Subject: [Q-List] Unusual Approach to Landing
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2021 02:41:26 GMT

Just finished watching Dwyers VERY good video, by the way Mike, I owe you an appology for not mentioning how much I enjoy your videos too. 
Anyway, with the Q traffic down a bit I got thinking about a unique experience I had on the return trip from Enid back in Sept and got wondering
what experiences others might have had. 
For mine I was approaching HUF from the West inside our Class D and had just been handed off to tower.  They instructed me to enter a RT base for 14.
There was LT downwind traffic, an ISU Diamond DA20, also in the pattern.  They were on the East side of 14 and me to the West about 3 miles out. 
I didn't think to much about where the other airplane was because I knew the twr had us both. 
Thennnn....the twr instructed me to "Fly to the Numbers".  Really!!  Really??  So I instructed. 
My base to landing occured over the runway threshold very close to the ground as one would expect.  Ain't never done nothin like that before.
I'm sure that knowing the speed difference between the two airplanes, the controller, who I know, thought this would work.  And it did...thankffully :)
The Ti-fighter (Star Wars Imperial Fighter for Sam) and 197mph stories were great so, I'm sure others too have some entertaining stories to tell as well.
Y'all got any?  I'm sure we would love to hear em. 

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