Re: Fuel pump & condition inspection

Jay Scheevel

Thanks Sam. Cool to see your layout. I might suggest putting a second adel clamp and mount at the base of each pump (similar to what you have at the top) to limit longitudinal vibration. May increase the life of the internal pump components.





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Sent: Saturday, December 4, 2021 7:58 AM
Subject: [Q-List] Fuel pump & condition inspection


As I was coming back from Topeka a couple of weeks ago, one of my fuel injection fuel pumps gave up the ghost. I have a redundant setup, so no problem. Since I have to take the tail off to replace the pump, I thought I may as well do my annual condition inspection.  Here's a couple of photos. It shows the two Walbro pumps and the 10 micron fuel filter from Summit Racing. BTW, I run my injection at 40 psi.

I have a seven-page inspection checklist in the Files section of the Q-List, and I think I've pretty much covered everything. It would also be useful for that final inspection before a first flight.
Here it is:

Take care.


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