Re: Q-List Zoom meeting - Ask the Pilots - Saturday 11 December

Sam Hoskins

Paul Poullson. Sorry, I don't think I'm going to do it. There is more to it than just posting a link and I'm not really planning on archiving chats.


On Sun, Dec 5, 2021 at 2:57 PM Paul Poulsen <paul.poulsen1957@...> wrote:
Hi Sam,
Thanks for organising this, it will be a great benefit to those of us stuck in the holding pattern of building/restoring.
As it will be 01.00 here, I am not sure if it is possible to record meetings in Zoom, but if it is would it be possible to record the meeting and place or post a link? I am thinking of the long term gain as a referencing as well as being selfish and not missing out :)
Just a though.
Clear skies and tailwinds

On Sunday, 5 December 2021, 01:13:25 am AEST, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:

This month, instead of a Q-Tour, let's have an Ask the Pilots Q&A session.  This is a chance for newbies, builders and wanabes to ask the guys who are actually flying those burning questions you have. This session will most likely NOT be uploaded to YouTube.

As always, don't log in until 9:00.

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