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Jay Scheevel

To Kevin’s point about them all being hand built: My wing is intentionally mounted leading edge down relative to plans. I never fly mine with the reflexor deflected trailing edge up! Mine is in trail at takeoff and deflected down for cruise and landing.  Whatever works. You need to test this during your flight test period, so I would suggest you not put hard stops in until you have tested.


The range of the reflexor can be extended beyond the plans limits. Mine go to a max of 10 degrees down and 6 degrees up, and I still have full aileron effectiveness with mine deflected full down.  They serve as “flaps” when I am landing, but I need to pull them to neutral if I am doing a touch and go. (I have a tri-gear)





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 From memory. I believe the limits on the reflector are 2° down and 6° up according to plans.

I have never flown my plane with any trailing edge down setting.

They are all hand built. So yours may be different.



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Very interesting and informative as always.   Thanks everyone.

Follow-up on a comment by Chris Walterson and maybe a terminology lesson for me.
Chris was talking about the main wing not flying and needed to "add reflexor"  
When I think of adding reflexor, that would reduce lift on the main wing  and increase aircraft pitch.
It sounds like what he did was to add flaps, as in flaperons.
Is this correct?
How much "down aileron" can people get from their reflexor system?
I would have thought none because reflex means deflect control surface up?

Q2 N86KL


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