Flight Report - sorry no video!

Mike Dwyer

I had a problem where my carb was fowling the plugs bad, to the point where the next start up failed the mag test.  I pulled the carb apart and thoroughly cleaned the passes related to the idle mixture area.  Seems if a tiny hole gets plugged in the idle needle then the carb pumps fuel into the mixture circuit.  

So what I thought was fun today was...  called in to land 8 miles out.  got a right downwind for RWY 18 (9730 feet long).  The wind was a 12K left crosswind (my personal limit is 15K).  Then was cleared to land #2 behind the Airbus on final.  Gota hate that.  So my plan is to stay high, way over his wing tip turbulence.  I was planning on landing long anyway as the taxiway to my hangar is at the end of this long runway.  

So I turn base after the Airbus goes by and I'm way high.  All the VASI lights are white.  The Airbus lands and I note where he touched down.  The tower tells me to do an S-turn.  Then the tower clears a Cherokee for take off.  I see the Cherokee sitting on the numbers and think to myself...this isn't going to work out.  After a couple of really slow S-Turns (I'm at 90 mph), I see the Cherokee making some progress getting off the runway.  The Tower tells me to land long.  I hear the tower tell whoever is following me that it's going to work out as I'm landing long and he needs to keep us only 3000' apart!  I get back into landing mode and make a good landing and hard braking to make the turn off that I need to make.  Never a dull moment at KPIE! 

Back at the hangar I do a runup to check the mags and everything looks great.  Hopefully my plug fouling is fixed!  

Mike Dwyer Q200 N3QP

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