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Bruce Crain

‘Suscuse me “tear”.  Although......

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 Darn Hangar rats chewing on the fabric again! I have some of that type of work on the way myself, Charlie.  Maybe Santa CLawz will bring me that new TIG welder I've been lusting for this year.   

 What system did you choose? Almost all I have done in the past was Grade A, or Ceconite, Razorback. Had no other choice since they were the only FAA/PMA allowed on certificated at the time. Nearly all my mentor worked with was using Ceconite. 

 Good to see your almost relocated. Winter is a tuff time to move, especially from that neck of the woods. Just had a former co-worker travel over Soldier Pass to get to SLC with several videos and he almost didn't make it over.

(Former M.E. it looks like)    

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It was a full minute to 1 1/2 in ground effect before landing.

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Low pass in a Tri Pacer!  Brings a teat to my eye Charlie!  And 12,000' runway!  Makes a Quickie pilot salivate!

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Hi gang,

I am about 80% moved out of my rental hangar but had a delay.
I developed hangar rash on the right elevator of the Tri-Pacer. This gave me an opportunity to learn fabric covering.
I flew from Benson E95 to KFHU Sierra Vista last Sunday deviating for a low pass at Whetstone air park dirt strip. On final at KFU 12,000 ft runway I flew in ground effect for 3/4 of the runway before landing. It is towered during the week but G under the restricted airspace on weekends.
Quite different flying from Utah down here and way different from Mike’s Florida videos. Here is one of my neighbors You Tube channels that gives the perspective of flying in AZ. 
Good flights for all,

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