Re: Axle Removal Problems

Bruce Crain

Maybe get someone to tap once on the outside and then tap the inside to see if that will loosen it. You could use propane to super freeze the tube and see if it can make it shrink enough to move it. Don’t smoke!
On Dec 23, 2021, at 12:12 PM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

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Typos corrected: I’ve always had a bit of a headache removing the axle when needing to remove the tire. In one of the pics below, the darker steel rod is what I use to slide in and tap out the axle (which is the other pic). The axle will easily pull out from the position in the pic. However, the rod I use to tap out the axle is stuck and won’t move back out or further in.

I have the plane raised so there is no weight on the tire. I have tried tapping the axle back in to push back out the rod. I’ve reached the point of, “nothing should ever be tapped that hard” so I’m stumped.

The tire and wheel spin freely. I’m tempted to cut the steel rod off as close to the wheel pant as I can just so I can get the tire/wheel out.

Any ideas out there on a solution or something worth trying?




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