Re: Q2 Revmaster original exhaust?

Troy Zawlacki

I was thinking carbon steel and ceramic coated. I have a lot of experience TIG welding but the actual pipe routing of the Q2 is pretty complicated inside the cowling which is why I want to buy one if available. I’d make one in a heartbeat before spending $1000 though, all the pennies add up!

But not to worry, the Q list is at work and I already got a private message from someone with an original exhaust for sale. I’m interested to see what it will take to get this exhaust either ceramic coated or nickel plated.

Thanks all,

On Dec 30, 2021, at 9:17 PM, Phil Lankford via <britmcman@...> wrote:

Would you build in carbon or stainless steel, and which alloy?

Regardless of whether you buy or build your own exhaust system, be prepared to check for cracks. An exhaust system crack could potentially lead to CO poisoning in the cabin

Vetterman, who supplies exhaust systems, warns against wrapping their Stainless exhaust systems with heat tape.

Phil Lankford

On Dec 30, 2021, at 8:43 PM, Phil Lankford via <britmcman@...> wrote:

If you can manage fabrication then go for it, but $800.00 is fair and it will be new and to Revmaster specification. I recently paid over $1000.00 for a Vetterman exhaust system for an experimental Lycoming O-320 and happy to have a proper set-up.

Phil Lankford

On Dec 30, 2021, at 4:38 PM, Troy Zawlacki <troyzc3@...> wrote:

Q listers,

I am relatively new to the Q list, but I have been building my Q2 for several months now. Im based out of San Jose, CA with kit #2436. The Revmaster 2100 I have for the plane came out of a KR2, and therefore the exhaust was totally wrong for the Q2 cowling. Revmaster wants $800 for a new one, so I am going to make my own instead… unless someone knows of an original floating around somewhere.


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