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Jay Scheevel

Hi Mike,


I test flew my plane at the local commercial airport with its 10,000’X150’ runway. I bunked in another guy’s hangar until I got proficient enough to move back to my home grassroots field. I had to get a TSA approved badge to be on the field inside the fence even though I entered and exited through the GA portion of the field.


I understand that individual airport management have some latitude as to how they handle this, and some choose to designate only certain portions as TSA secure areas. In those areas you need a badge if you exit the airplane. I did not stick around long enough to become an expert on that. I like life simple: No tower, no commercial flights, no hassle, no landing fees, etc.




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Hi All,

Do any of you own/rent hangars at USA airports that have Scheduled airlines?


If so, I'd like to know how your airport handles TSA Badge requirements.


KPIE started charging a $20 a year badge fee and makes us take a TSA test on driving airport tugs and reporting bags that are left laying around... none of which we have at the General Aviation hangars!


The badge manager and I had a discussion.  He believes that all pilots flying have some sort of training and badges that allow them to walk on the ramp.  I told him that I could fly into any airport in the country and I don't need no stinking badge!  LOL.



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