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Paul Fisher

I don't live on an airport with air carrier services, but I know a few people who live at the class C airport across the river.  Seems like $20 is the number they talk about, and yes I think they have to take some training to get their badge.  So it sounds similar to what you have.

They have cheaper gas at the big airport (seems wierd, but they do!), so I go there from time to time to get gas.  I don't need a badge as long as I stick close to my plane.  If I wandered around the hangars someone might get suspicious.  So far I've never had a problem.


On Thu, Jan 6, 2022, 10:27 Mike Dwyer <q200pilot@...> wrote:
Hi All,
Do any of you own/rent hangars at USA airports that have Scheduled airlines?

If so, I'd like to know how your airport handles TSA Badge requirements.

KPIE started charging a $20 a year badge fee and makes us take a TSA test on driving airport tugs and reporting bags that are left laying around... none of which we have at the General Aviation hangars!

The badge manager and I had a discussion.  He believes that all pilots flying have some sort of training and badges that allow them to walk on the ramp.  I told him that I could fly into any airport in the country and I don't need no stinking badge!  LOL.

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