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Frankenbird Vern

 Interesting.. so what happens to the 1 year limit inoperable, Charlie? Chop it up and truck it off to the dump? You remember some years ago when a ton of money was flowing into the renovation of airports in order to "stimulate" the economy? The airports were forced to take the funds even when the airport managers were saying (in my area anyway..and that would be Pouge Sand Springs and Alva Municipal specifically) that any "renovations" were totally not required.

 I remember asking about this when visiting the fields as a search for a home FBO base, and the managers were actually laughing at the idiocy of the money being forced on them regardless of the facts they repeatedly showed proof no improvements OR upgrades were required at the time at those GA airport.  Now we see the strings attached to the money. The government is here once again to help us. 

 By the opinion is Pilots are among the most educated of peoples. I can't think of many other activities where risk is NOT ONLY to ourselves, but those below. By nature we are already in a protective mode of our own "turf", and especially when considering the aircraft represent a sizable dollar and time outlay.  

 Recently I was at Paine Field (KPAE). Its pretty difficult to get a more critical airfield than that one. It is Commercial Airline, GA, and Boeing Delivery INCLUDING military operations. Similar to Tulsa International in fact.  I have flown as PIC from both airport many times in the past. There is a passcode to access the gate for GA access. The pilots entering monitor anyone trying to piggyback in. No one enters without being questioned to the hilt OR they have passcode. Even then I suspect an unknown person would be challenged! 

Same as I did when I went to work at Boeing on the 767 Tanker every work day last October. We did not "hold the door" for anyone. No entry.  

  No pilot was wearing badges at Paine Field that I observed, nor was required to that I heard.  

 What a stupid requirement, and it has nothing to do with gaining hangar space. If it is part of the ever expanding TSA garbage, do the D.C. idiots forcing this mandate think somehow an organized terrorist group can't forge a badge? Better to have the pilots themselves police GA as I observed personally at KPAE.  The only other conclusion is Charlie is correct. Cut out the private GA folks as much as possible, then piss and moan why there are fewer younger pilots and mechanics to support aviation of all kinds.     


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New regulations for hangar use at KOGD proof city hates GA pilots and builders.



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Here is KOGD info it is a pain and Ogden City hates general aviation pilots and hangar owners.

Airport Badging | Ogden, UT 

Airport Badging | Ogden, UT


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Hi All,
Do any of you own/rent hangars at USA airports that have Scheduled airlines?

If so, I'd like to know how your airport handles TSA Badge requirements.

KPIE started charging a $20 a year badge fee and makes us take a TSA test on driving airport tugs and reporting bags that are left laying around... none of which we have at the General Aviation hangars!

The badge manager and I had a discussion.  He believes that all pilots flying have some sort of training and badges that allow them to walk on the ramp.  I told him that I could fly into any airport in the country and I don't need no stinking badge!  LOL.

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