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Frankenbird Vern

 This is in my build log also. My tailwheel spring is round steel..arc to meet the 8 degree ramp angle. I may end up 
setting a bit more arc since the MKII gear I have in works is more as the RV6..or Tailwind.  In any case my target is 8 
degrees as Jay provides here.      

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Here is the factory prototype Q200 with a measurement on the firewall like Jim is suggesting (8 degrees from vertical).



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With the tail wheel on the ground and an inclinometer on the firewall

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Problem is it has been a long time for lots of us from the time we went through this mod.  There are a lot of variables with respect to ground handling.  The Gall alignment,  bell crank that Jim Pattilo has on his Q200, differential braking with the rudder pedals or only having one "Johnson Bar" brake or two finger pull brakes with differential braking.  Several ways to improve the ground handling of which angle of attack is one of them.  I did what you are looking at plus I added a large non pneumatic tail wheel which helped.  Also the reflexor attached to the ailerons helps as well.  I converted mine to a TriQ 200 but flew as a Q200 for a while.  Tri Q is a different animal for ground control but slows it down a bit.  

You can do all of them if you like but many of our builders have different ideas about which one or two work best.  

You are looking the right direction to tame this bird so don't give up!  Trouble is I don't remember the numbers for degrees static.

Bruce Crain  N96BJ

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Well I guess I can interpret this as nobody really having a strong opinion on the topic. I’ll proceed with my setup and my ground aoa at 11 degrees and see how she goes!


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> Q-pilots,
> I have a question about the ground angle of attack note in the Q2 appendix "plans changes.” The note calls for setting WL15 level, and measuring from the ground to the bottom of the tailwheel. It gives a recommended range of 25-28.6” for this measurement.
> I am well versed in the Gall wheel alignment, and have just completed that on my plane. I am also pretty sure this note pre-dates the issues that were solved with the Gall alignment, but the Gall paper also doesn’t give an adjusted range for this tailwheel measurement.. There must still be a range right?
> Plus, too much AoA on the ground would mean more drag during takeoff and longer runway required right?
> Sam,
> I read your blog post about changing your tailwheel angle back shallower for reduced drag (and since you have a proper alignment now). Do you have any idea what this measurement ended up being on your plane (ground to wheel)? My plane right now with the tail spring sitting in what looks right (parallel to top fuselage shell) has a measurement of 33” or 4.5” higher than the plans note.
> I’m excited to hear some thoughts on this before I bond my tail spring in.


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