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Jay Scheevel

I had a friend whose dad used to say that locks are to keep honest people out. Terrorists tend to find a way to terrorize.


My solution to air travel security after 9/11 was to have a rack of single shot pistols at the boarding door of the plane, then issue one to each adult as they walk onto the plane, and collect them at the other end. Basically, the plane is going to go where everyone on board wants it to go. Any minority opinions would be greatly discouraged.


Of course, this recommendation never really caught on…. But it would have been cheaper than an entire government agency.


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Before I retired in 2016 my home base was Sebastian, Florida (at Velocity).  Badges had been required for years.  Passcodes at the gates.  Pilot were expected to report anything suspicious. 

I was in a T-hanger when an unknown car and person drive up to the gate, went to his trunk and removed an old stop sign with a tether road, tossed it under the gate to trigger the exit-open and drove through. 

I called the local police and did not approach the guy.  Police first spoke to me, then to him.  Later they told me he had a pilot license and with 15 minutes of search was able to find and show them his badge.

I supposed throwing a stop sign must have been more convenient than remembering his passcode.

Rick Hole



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