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Great report. Envious. Jerry m

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Wow!  This badge stuff is interesting.
I've been flying out of KHUF since the 80"s.  HUF is a Class D with radar and operates like a class C.  It's been the 181st Natl Guard air wing since the 60's and now the 181st intelligence wing.  Major cool what they do. 
HUF has limited freight operations and two flight schools plus GA and the Natl Guard 181st Intelligence Wing based here.
The biggest change was when the fences went up after 911 and key's were issued to enter the hangar area.  Several of us had garage door clickers which was great until some dumbo let an idiot use their clicker who then helped themselves to the airport.  YA DON'T DRIVE CARS ON THE TAXI WAY!  And that was the end of the clickers.  Now they're going to card swipes with a camera looking at you.  Ok, I guess.
Last summer the week long military joint operation called Jaded Thunder was here which included F-16's, Osprey's, Tankers, and F-15E's from SJ plus other stuff and LOTS of military personnel.  Being the only tenant on the other side of the airport I found the F-15's were right in front of my hangar, about 20 of em.
There are two gates I have to pass through to get to my hangar.  Security was inside the first gate off the highway and drove in front of the gate to let me in, didn't have to use my  I asked if I would be allowed to my hangar, he didn't know.  Said he knew I had a key for the second gate and to go find out.  He asked "What's the worse thing they can tell ya....leave?"  Oh...and he said not to tell em he let me in.  Gods honest truth.
Got lots of looks when I entered the hot ramp and drove up to the hangar.  One Sargent came over and asked what I was doing.  Told him this is was my hangar and would they mind if I watched...he said, OK.  Then I asked if I could open the big door and watch...he said, OK.  So I sat there for a little while, the jets were only about 75-100' in front of me and boy are they loud when idling, then he came over and motioned for me come out onto the ramp...told me I could see better from there.  Gods honest truth...I kid you not.  Here I am in shorts and a T-shirt the only civilian on a military hot ramp.  Later I asked if they would mind if I brought some family out and that I WOULD NOT advertise this opportunity keeping the invites to only a few people.  Not a problem.  Brought Vicki out the next day with lunch & drinks...why not?  Their base of operations was the hanger next to mine and the food!!  They had a gas grill with one of the grates missing and fire shooting all over the food.  I asked if that was a military model....noooo....they borrowed it from the guard base and it fell out of the pickup on the way over.  No one seemed to know where that grate section went. 
We had a great time visiting with the airmen and learned allot about the F-15E.  The next day one of the airmen came up to us and said the Air Wing commander sent out a text that evening to not worry about the folks in the hangar, they're OK.  I was told that he had driven by us several times checking things out.  Wouldn't you know nearly every airman, 18-23 year olds and a few pilots, noticed the Quickie and had to look.  While various jets were gone the crews had time to relax and would come over.  Several got to set in the Quickie and lots of pix were taken.  There was a guy in a blue polo shirt with Boeing on it walking around.  He was a wizo kind of guy and very talkative.  I asked if he was here to support the jets he said no these are MY airplanes and I'm responsible for each one of them and I was told where NOT to point the camera when they were being serviced.  He was responsible for communicating with the ground crews, troubleshooting and briefing the flight crews prior to each sortie about the jet they were about to fly.  He works with the ground crews, communicates to the Air Wing commander and flight crews any issues prior to flight and he had the power to ground an aircraft. A super nice guy with tons of responsibility.  I was impressed that the 20 year old crew chief of #503 had that power also.  That young man made it quite clear that his jet would not go down.  He understood the importance of that airplane flying.   
Vicki, our son & his wife and our 16 year old grand daughter were there the next day with food and drinks, may as well stay for lunch.  I thought it was interesting that many airmen walked by toward the porta-potties that day...anyway didn't think much about it till the next day when a Major came up to me and asked who that young girl was.  Ok, I get it...duh!!  She lettered in soccer as a sophomore, tall and very can fill in the blank.  :)
Throughout that experience a precious few of us got a behind the scenes look at our military airmen.  They are an absolutely phenomenal group of young men and women who take their responsibility very seriously. They love what they do and the cause for which they are doing it.  Those of us who got to watch, visit with and to know them those few short days came away more proud than ever to call ourselves AMERICANS!! 
The F-15E's were from the Seymour Johnson Air Force base in Goldsboro, NC.  Their jets were built from 1986-1989 they told us and that the F-15 is still in production.  Knowing they were supporting ground operations training I asked why the F-15?  Isn't it an air superiority fighter?  They said yes but that it can also drop bombs which it did from 30,000'.  I don't know if that's right but is what I was told.  Maybe one of you veterans would know perhaps like Leif Johnson from the RAFE.  
The Osprey's and F-16's were on the far side of the airport well away from us. 
I hope I haven't bored y'all too much.  It's freezing rain here through tomorrow and movies (wife's choices) are boring, and speaking of badges, I got thinking you all might enjoy what we hicks here in IN get to do from time to time.

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We actually have two badges.  One we leave at the gate and the other stays on a lanyard around our neck or clip onto our shirts.  Both have our names and pictures on them so they can verify it is actually us walking out of the prison.  The badge also helps in case of a problem or riot.  We also wear checkered shirts to identify us from inmates in case the guards come in blazing.  If you’re on the ground and in a checkered shirt you might be ushered out more quickly.  

My friend Ralph entered once with his team sweat shirt from OSU.  It was Orange and Ralph was sitting with his circle of inmates for prayer and share.  (Their inmate clothing is total orange).  I asked them if they had seen Ralph a couple of times before Ralph said “oh you  son of a gun”.  The inmates fell out laughing!  I don’t remember if Ralph made that mistake again.


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Yes you need the badge to open the get to get out at Ogden but they dropped making you enter your PIN number to get out. You need the badge and secret PIN number to get in.

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Do you need to have the badge to exit the prison?  😊


Sorry, could not resist.





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I am required to have background check and badge to enter the prison that we minister.  Are pilots now considered "Terrorists"?  Probably thanks to 911 and other attacks.  And the border is porous so....

My 2 cents.


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New regulations for hangar use at KOGD proof city hates GA pilots and builders.








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Here is KOGD info it is a pain and Ogden City hates general aviation pilots and hangar owners.


Airport Badging | Ogden, UT 





Airport Badging | Ogden, UT








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Hi All,

Do any of you own/rent hangars at USA airports that have Scheduled airlines?


If so, I'd like to know how your airport handles TSA Badge requirements.


KPIE started charging a $20 a year badge fee and makes us take a TSA test on driving airport tugs and reporting bags that are left laying around... none of which we have at the General Aviation hangars!


The badge manager and I had a discussion.  He believes that all pilots flying have some sort of training and badges that allow them to walk on the ramp.  I told him that I could fly into any airport in the country and I don't need no stinking badge!  LOL.



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