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Sparrow strainers are required on my Dragonfly.

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Hi Vern,


If you are using the GU airfoil design, which I think you are, you will not need a sparrow strainer. Charlie can correct me if I am wrong, but I think that is the case.




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 Jay.. would you send you elevator profile plots? My aircraft will need both elevators built and adding a third pivot is already part of my has the pads bonded to the aft spar. PM if you prefer.


As for my wing I have one aileron..the other was never built that I can see. The difference might be I have the GU canard airfoil (being Dragonfly of course). I don't remember if you have the LS1 or GU canard for your Tri-Q.


 You see why my project from the git go is a true Frankenbird..pieces here and there..the kit was picked over and who knows what parts were left behind. No is all Shop time anyway and I never intended to build a clone.  



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I will put it in the files section, Sam.


 You are right Mike. Retrofitting would probably be impossible unless you build new elevators, but if someone is working on an unbuilt kit, it would work. Some have been known to build new elevators too. Right, Sam? 


I have an elevator design on my computer that would eliminate the sparrow strainer that I may build some day. Will go with the same design for the pivot if I build those.




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Kay, how about archiving it on the Files section of the Q-List?




On Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 6:53 PM Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

As some of you may remember, I redesigned the mid-span pivot for the elevators on my Q-2, essentially retaining none of the original design, excepting the BL position of the pivot on the span of the elevator. I was motivated to do this re design based on a fatal accident caused by the failure of a midspan pivot pin on the original design. NTSB determined that the pivot pin failed as a result of corrosion and metal fatigue.


I wrote up my re design document at the time and posted it on the Yahoo group and labelled it as untested and unproven. I now have almost 200 flight hours on this design and it retains its original smooth operation, shows no wear and has demonstrated the design intent of superior strength, low friction, and zero corrosion. In addition, I can visually inspect all critical components of this pivot  in a few seconds during a preflight. 


So I am pleased to report that this re design is now a tested modification. I am reposting my design document for anyone who is interested.



Jay Scheevel  Tri-Q2 N8WQ 200 hours

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