Re: First Flight of the year - finally!

Jay Scheevel


Glad you are still with us, Bruce!


I am sure there is a place reserved for you when the time comes, but we enjoy having you down here to entertain us all.


“Oh won’t you stay just a little bit longer….”


You may need to get Honey-Lamb to duct tape the CO alarm to your forehead each night to be sure!


Seriously, though. I got a nice Christmas gift this year (shown below). It is a solid state, light, small and portable CO alarm that can be put anywhere. I don’t know the exact price, since it was a gift, but it lists for $70 from: It has both a bright LED and buzzer alarm, and an anodized aluminum housing, so if you hang it in front of you on the panel, it should fill the bill.





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We have a CO detector but the heat/ac guys said they don't always catch it as with our scenario.

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Whoa, that's scary.  I'm glad you figured it out before you passed out.  


Don't forget about a CO detector for your planes as well.  It's the same problem with the same tragic result.




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I flew yesterday in our TriQ 200 for all of .2 hrs!  Limiting factor was lack of fuel do to a flight in December.  Would like to fly it again today but we are getting a new heater/air conditioner in our house.  Mainly because a couple of days ago I woke up and went to the head.  After peeing I passed out and Honey Lamb came to see what happened.  She woke me and I was dizzy.  She then started to feel dizzy and I told her to open the door and shut off the heater!  I still didn’t feel like moving until the fresh air made it my way.  She started feeling better and we opened  4 other doors.  We called the heat and air condition man and tested our unit.  2 of the top chambers were cracked and letting carbon monoxide into our house!  I remember thinking before I passed our that I might be dying!  After the event I thought dying isn’t so bad!  You just go blank.  I also thought about what Heaven is going to be like and had a bit of regret still being here.

I told my son’s that I would be in paradise but they would be here sorting through all of our “stuff”.  He laughed at knowing it would be a daunting process!  OMGosh!

“And that’s all I know ‘bout that”!

Bruce and Honey Lamb  (still residing in Enid)



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Wish I would have thought of that!!!!


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Great to hear Paul! 

You may have invented the first excercise/weight loss program for pilots!  Shoveling snow and flying!  I can imagine the Richard Simmons/Paul Fisher duo video!!

Jon Finley
Somewhere in the Southwest flying an RV-4



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