Re: First Flight of the year - finally!

Rodney Herzig

Wow Bruce, I’m glad Honey Lamb found you and you both got some fresh air. Sounds like and awfully close call. So glad you both are okay. 

Rod Herzig 

On Jan 14, 2022, at 10:49 AM, Paul Fisher <rv7a.n18pf@...> wrote:

Gee Rod, it doesn't look like you have much snow there at all!!

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022, 13:45 Rodney Herzig <zzigster@...> wrote:
Aloha Paul,
Nice to hear you had a chance to fly. The wide gear sure makes it difficult to taxi with snow banks. Looking forward to seeing you in Decorah this year. The only chance I get to fly over here in Hawaii is on the water. Here is some footage of a flight taken a few days ago to brighten your day. More importantly I’m hoping Dave gets his engine soon 🙏

Rod Herzig 
CozyIII N399BR

On Jan 13, 2022, at 11:34 AM, Paul Fisher <rv7a.n18pf@...> wrote:

I finally got enough of the snow cleared to get the Q-200 to the runway.  They tend to plow down the center of the taxiways, but my gear is wider than they typically plow.  So between my shoveling and mother nature's melting, we finally got it done today!

It was 40F, so there was enough moisture in the air to reduce the visibility to 8 miles, but otherwise it was clear and sunny.  The flight itself was uneventful - which was good because I wasn't sure if I still remembered how to fly it!  After most of an hour I returned to the airport.  Now I had to remember how to land!

The approach was perfect - exactly on airspeed all the way down, 100MPH on final, 90MPH over the threshold. I had a slight left crosswind, so the left main gently touched down, then the right main.  No bouncing, no struggling to keep it on the centerline - just a nice smooth rollout. 

However the problem with the landing (and this is a big problem!) was that nobody was there to see it!!  It was the best landing I have made in a long while and nobody can confirm it.  I was going to go around and do another one, but there was no way it would be as good as that one, so I quit while I was ahead.  I did a very slow taxi back to the hangar (to miss the snow banks), and put it away.

Anyway, nothing exciting, but I got my first 1.0 hour on the hobbs for 2022 thirteen days into the new year.  If I'm going to get more flying in this year, I'm going to have to get going!

Happy New Year to everyone, thirteen days late!  I hope to see you all in Decorah in September.

Paul Fisher
Q-200 N17PF

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