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Thinkin of flyin to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo in the spring with our EAA Chapter. 
This site makes finding the airport identifier much easier than scouring the map.
Thanks, Keith

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What a great site John. Thanks for that.



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Thanks for sharing Mike!
A fellow Florida fella here, down the road in Kissimmee. I almost always just read this list and let those smarter than me do the contributing. This time, I'll throw my $0.02 in the pile... let's say you're flying somewhere you haven't been before - to buy a widget, see a family member, who knows. You know the address you want to go to but you have to do the ForeFlight dance to find out the closest appropriate airport at which to land. Dance no more, just put the address in this site
add whatever filters you like (runway length, paved, fuel type, etc) and it'll spit out the nearest airports to that address in distance-order.
I'll shrink back into the corner now. 


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