Re: 2022 First Flight N8WQ

Richard Thomson

Thanks Jay for taking me for a fly in your wonderful machine.

How long is your runway ?

Rich T.

On 17/01/2022 03:36, Jay Scheevel wrote:

Well, I finally got around to my first flight of 2022 this afternoon. It was a beautiful day to fly, and I decided to try mounting a video camera to the lower wingtip of my canard, so you can all see for yourselves if you wish.


I have left some superfluous taxing in the video, so that you taildragger folks can see why the standard gear would not be a good idea a my home field.  I also have left in my runup, take off and landing, so you can get a feel for my homefield in all phases of flight.

Mack Mesa 10CO, is like Goldilocks: Land too short, it is no good. Land too long, it is no good. Land just right (as in the video), it is…well…just right 😊.  The scenic part starts around the middle of the video and obviously the take off is near the start and the landing is near the end.  Wear your headphones or have good speakers so you can hear the silky, throaty, rumble of my six banger!  


I am still learning how to use the camera, so my videos should improve in the future.


Cheers and happy flying in the new year,


Jay Scheevel Tri-Q2  N8WQ  200 hours.

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