Re: Hoop Gear Suggestions, Spring Steel design.

Frankenbird Vern

 On the Dragonfly list there are members asking about the spring steel MKII design. I have a copy of the 
sketch and it includes the materials used but I suspect it may be in the archives hereon Q-list. My printed 
copy is not in the best condition but I can scan and upload if there is no file available. 

  The builders longer term than I am probably have some history on this main gear design. I seem to remember
there were more than one or two aircraft that were revised to this design and the reports were it was quite a 
successful change. Same issues about the glass de lams in the MKII original stubs. Since my project had the
similar overall questions about the gear I collected as much data as I could for options.  

 My canard has the glass stubs because I purchased it that way, but I am not going to use the spring steel, hoop, 
or enhanced glass MKII gear. I am going with the RV7 (Wittman W10) main gear design. I already have new legs,brakes,
wheels..and wheel pants.   

 The engine mount design is already available since William Wynne built the mount for an Ed Luce Buttercup project he 
was building. I have the plans for that aircraft also. Of course William intended to use the Corvair powerplant on the I am on Frankenbird. 


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Testing a few layups to see how size increases with time was my thought, I was just trying to avoid multiple shipments from AS&S.


You are correct, DBFN 43 is the one that I am using for reference.  It gives great information for the finished dimensions but doesn't say anything about the amount of fiberglass required.  It also says S-Glass but that was corrected in later issues to E-Glass.  Using E-Glass thickness of 0.012" the 5/8" thick section would take 52 layers assuming that the glass doesn't swell and another 52 layers for the 1 1/4" thick sections.  I think that West Systems is the popular contemporary choice for resin but I am not sure.

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