Re: Hoop Gear Suggestions

Frankenbird Vern

 That would work also. But as you noted, not much real estate to work with at the fuselage and canard junction. Lots of 
challenge. Still, it is a possible venue. Steve..using the Grove gear, how did the ramp angle work out and the gear stagger 
to bring the C/L of the tires to the MKII location from the Datum?  You see why I chose the RV7 gear design? 
Not only for reasons of working out a lot of installation issues , but the design has been flying the Experimental aircraft sky 
ever since the W8/W10 plans were sent by Mr. Wittman. I am skilled enough in TIG welding this is not a big event to fabricate.

Vern in frozen (again) Oklahoma

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I helped a fellow builder install a Grove aluminum gear, on his Dragonfly.  There were plenty of challenges in finding a location for the attach points,  reinforcing the fuselage structure, machining the attach brackets, locating the holes for the hydraulic brake lines, etc.


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