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Frankenbird Vern

 Hey Jon.. when you get the tree to bloom Ben Franklins let me know!! Every time my wife has me go with her to the
garden centers I look for them money trees...I even ASK for them!!   

 On a more aircrafty question..does your RV4 engine mount have the RV7 gear gussets added? Just curious to learn if 
you discovered cracking in the tubes or weld interface to the main gear tube.  Not all gears have but it is I believe a 
point of concern during conditional inspection.

 The fellow that does the recommended repair is located in Vancouver Washington. 


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Thanks for the heads-up Jay - looks interesting. I suspect you already know but just in case, you can also use the free GoPro Quik to do similar. The problem with the instrumentation in Quik is that it is  limited and not particularly 'attractive' (at least IMO).  I'm currently waiting for my money tree to bloom but may give this software a shot when it does.

Jon Finley
Somewhere in the Southwest flying an RV-4

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