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Jay Scheevel

Hi Jon,


Thanks for the feedback. You have much more experience with this stuff than I do, so I always appreciate you chiming in. I did try GoProQuik initially (and use it on my phone to control the camera). I found and liked the idea of the gauge widget that it has in the software. I just could not find a way to export from that application to my computer disk. It seems to only allow you to export to YouTube or Facebook. They act like no respectable human would save to any other repository, but what do you expect for free?.


In any case, not to be fenced in, and having my trusty money tree blooming year round in my greenhouse, I dove right in and bought the other app. It is very nice and has many other options besides the “aviation” set, so if you mount a GoPro on your quarter horse, it has the usual cowpoke six pack resting on the saddle horn, etc., etc.





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Thanks for the heads-up Jay - looks interesting. I suspect you already know but just in case, you can also use the free GoPro Quik to do similar. The problem with the instrumentation in Quik is that it is  limited and not particularly 'attractive' (at least IMO).  I'm currently waiting for my money tree to bloom but may give this software a shot when it does.

Jon Finley
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