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Jay Scheevel

Thanks so much for the pointers, Jon. I will look into the Smart Remote. Sounds like it I will simplify things. Much appreciated.





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No doubt... GoPro Quik is not very intuitive. Once you select a media file and add the desired "gauges", select the scissor icon (Create a Clip). This allows you to select the portion of the media file to output (all of it down to just a small portion) and then Save. You can then select a new file name, video quality, and save it locally.

I really like the VSI and map that the Telemetry Overlay software provides. 👍 The GoPro Quik gauges are probably fine for some applications but I'm not a fan.  Anxious for the Bennies to start falling so I have another reason to spend more hours sitting at my computer!! 😉

Since your already in the money...  Once you get to the point of running several GoPro cameras, the GoPro Smart Remote is the ticket.  Using the app in the cockpit is neat but I found it far too time consuming to be switching cameras and then starting/stopping them while simultaneously trying to avoid low flying rocks and trees. 😲 The Smart Remote is fairly basic - change mode and start/stop recording of all connected cameras - but is quick and easy.

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