Re: Q1 - Main wing - Flip tabel

Eugen Pilarski

Hi @ all,

thanks for your comments and hints, after I spend two weekends to listen all Q-News letters and looks around for a solution that cover that issue.

Currently the solution that Terry indicate sounds like the best option, based on the fact, that the main wing at this stage need to turn around 90 degree without any layout of BID or UNI glass on it.  It's necessary to join the foam cores together with micro slurry and I'm not sure how strange this combo are before turn the wing to glass the shear web area. I think that this step is only necessary, as Anthony noted, because of gravity and the "lower" layers.  I also thought about building a partial vacuum in this area to save me the turning, but there is the problem of sealing, which is easier on a smooth surface than on a very porous one like the foam. Maybe I worry to much about this step.

@Terry, did you send the picture already?

Best regards


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