Re: Q1 - Main wing - Flip tabel

Chris Walterson

Eugen------  I think the main wing cores need to be glassed before flipping and then you join the aileron cores, and glass them,

 At least that is how  I remember it on my Dragonfly and Q200. I think this is how it was done on the Q1 I built also. Could be wrong, it's been a while, but it makes sense  micro the cores together , while installing them in the jigging  templates.

 Lay up the glass on the foam going over the edge about an inch and covering the back shear web. Peel ply the entire wing or at least all the edges. Install the plywood jigs as in my photo and using a string or preferably lazer level and digital level.

Break the foam from the bottom jig and flip it onto the level plywood jigs , then glass this surface going over the back shear web and over the front. Don't forget to remove peel ply. Remember to install level block on finished wing. Now you can flip it on it's nose to glue on the aileron cores. You can make an airfoil template to help with aligning. Now you can turn it and glass the cores.  Leave on the plywood templates and finish the glassing using the plywood level jigs against the table.

This is how I prefer to do it.--------------  Chris

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