Re: Large Appendix Sheets

David J. Gall

Are you drawing your airfoil templates from coordinates or just tracing the scanned documents? I’ve encountered so much distortion from scans that I’ve taken to recreating the drawings from raw data.



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Before you spend the time converting to CAD give me a few days to see how my old 2D TurboCad files convert to some universal format.  I've already kind of promised to do so for another new Q-2 builder so It shouldn't be any extra work for me.
I don't have all of the sheets, but I do have all of the airfoil templates/jigs and, IIRC some extras for profile finishing and alignment during fitting to the fuselage.

Once I get my paperwork finished for the tax accountant I may even have some time to put them into SolidWorks for some pretty pictures.

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