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Frankenbird Vern

 In my Dragonfly wing the wire is buried in the aileron cove, Eugen. A simple "drill" of tubing with a "tooth" made from 
hack saw on one end cleanly cut the hole in the foam from the cove centerline outboard end to the Wingtip, then 
was a groove cut forward to the navigation light.

 It's not a large distance from the aileron cove to the wingtip. Perhaps 20cm. 

I will be correcting the span and developing a new tip design and lighting to match so in effect my ailerons will be even 
less distance to the tip. Still the cove is a better location for this wire. Do all you can to avoid interruptions of the upper
skin to foam area in both your Wing and Canard. If you must disrupt the area, the lower surface in this construction is 
much safer structurally. Composites fail in compression, not tension.      

 A conduit to carry the wire, most I have seen use small diameter acrylic tube, as is my wing. Modern LED wiring demands are 
near zero of a concern for heating as the original halogen strobes demanded. Still..possible to have electrical short so consider 
protection of your foam structure.

 Dry Fiberglass is amazingly effective in blocking heat transfer. The resin is fuel to fire however. When I reduce the wingspan I 
will be wrapping the wire in dry fiberglass cloth and then inserting through the tube conduit.


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Hello Q Community,


Thank you for your messages and tips. I have now implemented it according to the procedure from a Q-talk #9 from 1983, attached the link to it. Just Duck tape, micro, resin, glass, compoflex, peel ply and a vacuum bag. 

Main wing shear and rib

The connection with the two layers BID in the middle I will additionally support with a local vacuum bag, the idea I have copied from the CozyGirls.

Attached are some pictures.

How do you think I should run the cables for a strobe light at the wing tips?  Just put a tube in the foam from the top and fix it with micro? Which size I should choice? What would you guys recommend?

Best regards



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