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It was good you could get your first flight in. I would have to go get my logbook to tell you how many flights I have gotten in 2022. We got some snow on the mountain peaks but it melted off pretty quick.

It has been in the 50’s with the last storm pushing down but it is expected to be 70 by Friday. Dave and I are planning on going to Copperstate fly-in. We will be doing airport camping at Buckeye 73-45 temps.

I have planned my route to 2022 FOD. Now to get the final details cleaned up and test fly. I have to wait until the white stuff goes away from Ogden before I can continue working on the Dragonfly.

Stay warm up there,

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, 6:19 PM, Kevin Boddicker <trumanst@...> wrote:

WEEEELLLLL I made my first flight of the year this afternoon.
Even it was a BFR in a C172, I got in the air. Was also out of biannual, so two birds one stone.
I had'nt  flown since mid Oct. Rust was removed quickly.
I didn’t even think about flying with my left hand till I was on the way home.
Old dog, same tricks.

Press forward boldly!!!

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B  570 hrs
Luana, IA.

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