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Robert Cringely

VNE in my Q1 is Mach 0.3. My Xavion screen can display it. 

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This is the Q-list.  Realize your sending this to 500 people who are here and are interested in Q aircraft.  It's ok for an introduction but please stick to Q's.  I didn't subscribe to the mach meter list.
Mike Dwyer Q200

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 Well..of course the mach warning has to be tested. The 50 will also. :-)   

One of the options on the forward cabin closet display was a mach indicator. 

 Some funny stories come from being in the delivery side of Biz Jets.  I once had an acceptance flight on a Falcon 10 and the buyer was complaining he could stand up in it... and my response was he couldn't normally stand up in his Rolls Royce either.  He accepted the delivery!  

 I left the company in 1981 to return to my birth city of Wichita.  Had an offer to work on a then secret program at Raytheon Beechcraft. It ended up being something called the Starship 1... and I was on the R&D crew that built the first three mockups and the first three flight test aircraft. I flew NC2 on a rotation crew mostly over MCI.  That is where I met Rutan and the crew also working on Voyager.  Went to Boeing Wichita in 1985 when it was obvious the Starship was going to be a loosing program.   

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I think that was Arkansas Aeromotive, which was owned by BaE. My parents lived in Arkansas and saw me more often when I lived in the UK than later when I moved to California. 

My company is looking for one or more Falcon 10s right now. Neil and I used to fly those, too. Twice, while deadheading back from Paris, we took it supersonic over the Channel. You couldn't do that in a Hawker pointed straight at the ground.

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 The worst part of entering the senior years as an aviator..loss of friends. At the time I was Private rated at Falcon..but also one of the Lead A&P. At times Dassault would expect a visit. France is where I had my first training in Composite aircraft field repair since the Falcon 50 was the first aircraft we had that included composite construction control surfaces. All of us at FalconJet in Little Rock were random selected to fly on either squawk flights or customer acceptance. Requiring the mechanics to fly had a definite encouraging factor to be certain the aircraft was airworthy. If a floor mechanic refused they were terminated on the spot, no matter what experience level they had. No secret, it was well known prior to an offer for employment that random flight duty would be required.   

 It was my time in the barrel so to speak in a bigger way due to the fact I was the Lead A&P on the first Falcon 50 of the program, so I had to be the trainer of our people in the States after my stint in Europe. Many trips followed..

 My wife who is Russian, has on her list of places to visit, Paris France. I've been avoiding that trip!  Outside of the Capitol it is pleasant but I have no romantic ideas of Paris. Not particularly fond of the Frenchies attitude toward others, at least as it was in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

 I asked because Little Rock Airmotive was the next door neighbor to our facility and if my memory is not too clouded over they were working the Hawker aircraft.  Perhaps sometime we can chat a bit about the times there.


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I guess I worked directly for BaE. I was the dumb right-seater to RAF test pilot and European Aerobatic Champion Neil Williams. We became friends at the Shuttleworth Collection where he was a display pilot and I was an apprentice. Nearly every weekend had us flying a jet somewhere -- that is until Neil and his lovely wife flew an He-111 bomber into the side of a mountain... After that I moved back to the USA.

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 Which company were you with then? Made that journey a few times in a Falcon..both 20 and 50 to and from Little Rock.  Looking down at Greenland/Iceland and the wide open waters between even at Flight Levels is a serious undertaking. I can only imagine what a single engine at the Glasair speeds must have been like..and that is where it will stay for me too.. in my imagine :-o

 Flying Europe might be a fun challenge in a US homebuilt tho..take the cargo ship with the airplane. 


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I once flew my old Glasair to the UK and back in the 1980s. The immersion suit mandated by Canadian regs was ghastly. I had made the flight 100+ times delivering Hawkers to Little Rock but that doesn’t prepare you at all for that many hours and miles over water in a sliver of fiberglass. I never did it again. 

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