Re: Q2/200 Engine mounts

Ian Ashdown

I bought that download too.  I’m sure it’ll be useful at some point.  What is slightly aggravating is that the parts were obviously modeled in SolidWorks, so why not offer a SolidWorks  or .stp download.  I’d have paid a little more for that, but now I just have to model the parts all over again . . . in SolidWorks!

In the end I think the design of engine mounts are going to be driven by the type of AV Mount I select ( does anyone have any recommendations) and the spacing off the firewall, driven by the balance of the lighter engine.  I’m still not sure if the effect of moving CofG a few points rearward would be a positive or a negative.  I think negative as pilot, passenger and ‘luggage’ are all aft of the CofG, it may limit the max load capacity.

Then there is the question of the ‘thrust line’. I think I’d like to raise it (from the O-200 WL position)  for better packaging, but I’m not certain yet.  Would raising the thrust line 1”- 1.6” create handling issues?  I don’t know what the aircraft vertical CofG height is, maybe it’s in some of the documentation . . .

Lots to figure out!


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