Re: Q2/200 Engine mounts

Michael Dunning

Thanks for the info, Jay. Nice to have additional data points.

I have a thread over on the Q-Performance list talking about some possible alternative engines. I have the same question, since oddly enough the Aeromomentum engines want to be an extra 1.5 inches down from the O-200 location in order to maintain the stock over-the-nose sightlines.

I have not seen a vertical C.G. documented anywhere in the plans. However, the Q-200 plans specifically mention placing the thrust line on W.L. 15, which does not correspond to any other jigging or mold lines... I can only infer that W.L. 15 may in fact be the as-designed vertical CG, but we will likely never know. 
#2827 (still thinking about planning on visualizing how to finish building)

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