Re: Q2/200 Engine mounts

Anthony P

Ian, if the silencer (muffler) is NOT an integral component of a sensitive tuned exhaust, I would ditch it.
The Q2 is not a certified aircraft, nor is it an LSA.  You can do stuff like this.

I don't know of anyone in the states that has a muffler on their Q2 or Dragonfly.  Maybe someone will speak up.
There are 4 individual runner systems, 2 into 1 on each side systems, and 4 into 1 systems out there flying.

Seems like it would be pumping a lot of heat into the cowling anyway.
I think you're going to have to push this engine pretty far forward, and based on your CAD image, that would put a big bulge forward on the lower cowling to fit (and provide cooling clearance) the stock muffler.

Q2 N86KL

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