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Jay Scheevel

Hi Ian,


There is a lot of good information in the files section of this group. Have a look at the folder:


I just added my spreadsheet that I created for my plane as I was building and still use today. It is based on components. I would do W&B on the scales periodically as I was building so could determine whether my estimates of component weights and moment arms were going as planned, then make any course corrections earlier in the build, rather than wait until the end of the build process. You will see several “scratch” calculations on the right side of the component spreadsheet that gave me the data to do corrections to the individual components in the sheet. By the time I got around to final measurement of W&B, there were no surprises. It was a non-event.


You will also find at the bottom of the JRS_test_W&B sheet, there is a graph of the W&B with a snail trail of W&B as it changes throughout the flight as I burn off fuel. This is useful to know where you are in the envelope at takeoff and landing. All of my flights are nearer the forward end of the envelope in practice.


I have two EarthX ETX680C batteries mounted on the sidewall behind the passenger seat. They are small and together weigh about 7 pounds. I have been using them for 3 years now and they have been trouble free and reliable. I have electrical system “spike” protection, in addition to the BMS built into the batteries themselves, and I use a B&C external 40 amp NippoDenso type of alternator and a B&C regulator which also keeps the charging current pretty “clean”.





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Hi Mike,

“So the Q200 is very nose heavy as built.”  That the kind of information I’ve been hoping for!  The Rotax is at least 50lbs lighter than the O-200 and the way I think I’m going to manage the fuel in the Header Tank, I will be about 75lbs lighter forward of the CofG.  I was planning to place the battery wherever it helped best with balance.  I’m not sure which battery I’ll be using yet, I probably should start looking.  I see some people are using Varley (race car battery) which has very good energy density, but there are some very good lithium batteries available these days.


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