Re: Q2/200 Engine mounts

Jay Scheevel

Hi Ian,


You can do what you are describing, but simply removing the line items that I have in there for my gear and replacing with appropriate weight and moment entries for the standard wingtip gear and fairings. The rest is the same or similar to the standard Q-200.





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Thank you for sharing your spreadsheet.  It’s the best data source I have so far.  I was hoping to do the same, but in CAD.  It turns out that may be more difficult than I thought as a good percentage of this is not original design, so the material properties would have to be fudged.  At this point I think the spreadsheet will be the best approach.  What I was hoping for is the data for a standard Q200.  I could then back out certain components and add back the ones I’ll be using.

The last time I did this, it was with a race car, the prediction was within 0.5% of the as build car.


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