Re: Flush Type Finishing Washer Used on Tail?

Richard Thomson

Hi Corbin,

Take care if you are using stainless screws with standard anchor nuts and you use a power screwdriver. They can seize and damage the nut or the mounting rivets.

I use a slight smear of anti seize on the thread to lubricate those regularly removed like my cowling screws, it still has enough friction to lock the screw.

Rich T.

On 13/02/2022 21:55, Corbin via wrote:

On Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 11:30 PM, Richard Gammon wrote:
Thanks Richard.  I placed an order with Aircraft Spruce a few days ago so I am hoping they are the right ones.  They have a warehouse close to my house so I typically receive orders with a day or two, at most.  I hate their shipping costs though and try to order from other sources as much as possible.


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