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Richard Thomson

Different aircraft require different expletives Vern.

I was 65 until 12th Night. Sounds like we have had a similar road to tread. :-)

Need to find that picture.

Rich T.

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 This is true.. the current folks have equipment not available to us in the past. In the previous factory contracts I was working in 2021, because it is production, they must keep pace using tools as this.. same as on the ramps. The speeds of the drivers are variable and auto torque is also a feature. 

 Of course you probably know what I observed in the factory where time studies with stop watches are part of the Industrial Engineers job (not my cog in the wheel but of course I knew them). Another issue was hardware itself recently. The company was experiencing major issues with unavailable aerospace hardware! Shanking a screw into a nutplate with a full on pneumatic driver ends up snapping off the float element or worse, shearing off the #3 rivets in the ears of the nutplate. 

 Floor managers tend to get very irate at boneheads working for them when they do this. One of the tools used to check for blind grip length measuring is a Hi Lok grip length gauge, which is what we instructed to do IF they were not 100% certain of the screw grip.  Of course a simple bent hook wire would do the same. Each aircraft in our case probably would be different grip length on these fasteners.    

 I probably aught purchase one of these tools since there are uses that would cause no ill.  

 One reason I chose the Q2 initially was because of layup tooled fuselage shells, and the unique access design to the aft fuselage compared to the Dragonfly. This is why I am confident the Frankenbird is probably the best option for my mission, including the Conditional Inspections and any need to get to the aft fuselage area without being a Harry Houdini clone. I am now 65 and my agility is only a little less than when I was 22 crawling up behind instrument panels and slinking back to the tailcones (well..that is what the mind says anyway, the body has another opinion).

 One thing I know for sure...I'll be doing what I can to NOT experience what Chris had happen..a stripped head on a (or several) tailcone screw and now a very difficult access condition. I am sure in the same situation I would have plenty of confessions to make to my Priest, Father Moore!     

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    Yep, working in the baggage bay is a pain literally.  There is a picture somewhere of Sam I believe it is, curled up in his baggage bay looking comfortable working on his controls.

    I am lucky if I can get half way in these days as the joints are not as supple as they used to be, and no longer the skinny apprentice that 45 years ago used to get sent up the Gazelle tailcone to fit the cables up the fin.

    I agree, you have to be careful with power drivers and always start the screw first. Taking my cowls off or on by hand is about 10 times longer than with the PD. My PD like most these days have a variable torque feature so easier to see if the screw locks up and just check tight when finished by hand.  If you go out on the line today, most mechs have a PD in their kit. Otherwise how would they meet the 90 minute turn around. :-)


    Rich T.


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 This is a major issue with the replaceable element floating nutplates (used on Gulfstream wing fairings for example). Don't push too
hard on installation.  The shop techs at IAI (Israel Aerospace) in Tel Aviv were complaining to me about the nutplate design when running in the stainless screws on the fairings with a power driver. I was polite but firm about the preferred process. In the States we use speed wrenches once the screws were in 2 or 3 turns by hand..therefore verifying the threads are not crossed.  Engineering Change Request: Rejected!    
 Rich, good catch and you are correct on the stainless into cadmium plated nutplate..the galling of the threads is a concern between the two metals. Its why we used candle wax on the screw threads and install slowly to final torque. I personally have never used power drivers to install
on my own or other owners aircraft. 

 Speed wrenches are not really so speedy in this case, nor should they be! Chris already found out how much "fun" it is to get into the aft 
fuselage with a galled-in screw (from rust in his case).  What first is an easy task ends up being a major pain repair.  


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Hi Corbin,

Take care if you are using stainless screws with standard anchor nuts and you use a power screwdriver. They can seize and damage the nut or the mounting rivets.

I use a slight smear of anti seize on the thread to lubricate those regularly removed like my cowling screws, it still has enough friction to lock the screw.

Rich T.

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On Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 11:30 PM, Richard Gammon wrote:
Thanks Richard.  I placed an order with Aircraft Spruce a few days ago so I am hoping they are the right ones.  They have a warehouse close to my house so I typically receive orders with a day or two, at most.  I hate their shipping costs though and try to order from other sources as much as possible.


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