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Frankenbird Vern

 Either I am following you or vice versa, Bruce :-) 

 I used to live just over the hill from there..a small place called Taos.  Down the road, on the way to Eagle Nest is an apartment building I always thought had a great name.. Angel Nest.  I always wanted to go knock on the door to see if any Angels really lived there but I always chickened out. 

  It is beautiful but a bit difficult to live there full time.  Be safe on the way back. Windy here today and looking at some rather bad weather cranking up for tomorrow night. Enid should be ok..snows in Alva and points West. 

Been to Hot Springs many times too. I learned to fly at North Little Rock municipal..  You guys never seen the lake outside of Hot Springs might put that trip on the list to do. The lake bottom is covered in really large quartz crystals and if the water is clear at the time it's a sight to be remembered.    


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Honey Lamb and I few to Hot Springs to play with her Norwegian relatives!  Then on to Angel Fire, NM to help with a medical problem in the family.  Great to get there at 170 mph instead of 70!  But my disclaimer is we flew in RV6 because Angel Fire needs a lot more horse power and Honey Lamb and I had lots of luggage!  It is at 8300’ MSL.  I have flown the TriQ 200 into Angel Fire solo in the winter.  




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