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Jay Scheevel

Good point Mike. That was Charlie’s suggestion also, based on his experience from his dragonfly.   I have a redesigned elevator on the drawing board that I have discussed before on this forum that is neutral in trail, so would not require the strainer. Sometime when I get the motivation, I will build a new set of elevators using this design and flight test them.


The LS-1 airfoil was never designed to have an articulated control surface.  I think the use on the Q200 was a bit of a hack, so required the sparrow strainer to correct the unintended consequences. The LS-1 is still the primary airfoil used on wind turbines, since it is very resistant to degraded performance caused by surface contamination, but those blades are one piece, so it is the perfect choice.





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Great video Jay.  Agreed, looks like a drag point to me also.  Strainer looks to be in turbulent air.  Maybe a smaller strainer mounted in the air below would be better?

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Hi Guys,


I put the camera back on today and added some yarn tufts to the side of he fuselage, the canard root strake, the elevator and the sparrow strainer.  The video goes from runup through take off, then a pass at 1000 AGL along the runway and normal cruise with a couple of slow climbs. The tufts seem to lay down nicely with my contours on the strakes, which makes me happy, but the tufts on the sparrow strainer show that it is perpetually stalled. This is shown by the tufts from the top of the strainer wrapping around to the bottom of the strainer and occurs  at any airspeed above 80 mph. Alhtough the sparrow strainer works nicely to push down against the up-pushing of the undercamber on the elevator, this is a huge drag point on the airplane, and I am sure it limits the high speed performance significantly. There has to be a better way to do this …….




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